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Casey Richards Rutland – Common Home-Selling Mistakes 2021

It’s decided, I will sell my apartment or my house! Ask Casey Richards Rutland, what are the mistakes to avoid when selling your property? He will answer those all putting an apartment or a house up for sale requires time first, but also knowledge. Casey Ryan Richards Rutland presents here the mistakes to avoid when selling your property and you will understand why going through a real estate professional is preferable for the sale of your property.

Estimate of your Apartment or House

At the start of your real estate project, it is necessary to have your real estate valued. The mistake to avoid is to set a price that does not correspond to the reality of the market for your property. Indeed, it is useless to overestimate your apartment or your house because the probability of selling your property quickly drops and you thus find yourself waiting for buyers to come and visit your apartment or house. The longer your property remains on the market, the more buyers will ask questions about the reasons.

Underestimating your property is not a solution because potential buyers will think that there are problems and defects in your apartment or house.

There are several online estimation tools available and offering sometimes very wide price ranges. It is advisable to use a real estate agent, agent or expert who will estimate your property. The real estate professional will estimate your property using the best tools and knowledge of the sector and the real estate market. The sentimental value you may have for the property will not be taken into account when estimating. The real estate expert will take into account certain elements that may have an impact on the sale price, in particular, terrace, balcony, garden, the neighborhood, transport, schools, etc.

Hence the importance of estimating your property in order to sell your apartment or house quickly at the right price.

Valuing your Property with Casey Richards Rutland

Another mistake to avoid would be to neglect the valuation of your property.

Indeed, it is important that your property attracts potential buyers. During visits the first 30 seconds are important. You don’t have two chances to make a good first impression! More information visit us.

Decluttering, purifying, tidying up, refreshing, are elements to take into consideration when you sell your property.


Energy consumption, the surface of your property, lead, asbestos are very important information when selling your property. They have an impact on the selling price of your apartment or house and can increase or decrease it.

The mistake not to make is to neglect the DPE diagnostics and not to know the consumption, square surfaces, lead, asbestos, etc.

The mistake to avoid during a real estate visit is to hide defects from potential buyers. Transparency is essential to avoid potential conflicts and appeals that can void your sale. It is best to mention these flaws without overstating the visit either.

Do you want to sell your property at the best price and as soon as possible?

Call Casey Richard Rutland real estate professionals who offer you the same services as real estate agencies and agent networks for fixed and reduced rates.

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